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Hannah grew up as a multiple sport athlete, skating for 6 years as a hockey player and for 16 years as a competitive figure skater. Hannah has worked as a figure skating and hockey/power skating coach for 10 years and a Learn To skate director for 3 years. 


 Her fitness journey began after fracturing both hips as freshman in high school. After her recovery, Hannah began to build her strength and endurance to avoid future injuries and improve her performance. After high school she discovered her passion for helping others with fitness and began her career in Strength and Conditioning. Through her various internships, Hannah discovered the joy of helping youth athletes build their training foundation to excel at their sport but also helping clients like their parents simply gain more confidence, improve energy levels, and find things easy that used to be hard for them.


Before moving to Northern Virginia, Hannah served as the Assistant Strength Coach at the University of Tennessee for cheer, track and soccer. She is very excited to see Behind the Bench Training grow!  

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