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BTB Hockey L.L.C is looking to raise a small amount of start-up capital for the BTB Hockey Training Center. To receive a copy of our investment package and learn more about BTB Hockey, please complete the form below. 

The Problem

1.) Due to demand for ice time at local rinks, the time dedicated to individual skills through private or small group training is extremely limited.

2.) Because of limited availability to individual training, Hockey players in the area are not developing the necessary fundamental skills to meet their goals.

3.) There is a coaching deficiency in our area causing players to go from one facility for skills like power skating, and then another for off-ice training.


1.) Our facility is dedicated to providing training for each individual’s areas of need within their game. Our synthetic ice training rink and gym allows our clients all day access to training and lesson availability with our expert coaches.

2.) We consult with all of our players on their short term and long term goals and create their training plan around the skills most necessary to help them achieve those goals.

3.) Our facility and expert coaches put everything a player needs to take their game to the next level under one roof!

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