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School Holiday Skills

Take advantage of the day off of school by refining your skills with BTB Hockey Training


Program Highlights:
1. Skill Development:
Participants will rotate through various skill development stations, each focused on a different aspect of the game. From skating techniques and stick handling to shooting accuracy, our expert coaches will provide personalized guidance to help participants refine their skills.

2. Off-Ice Agility and Coordination Training:
Beyond the ice, participants will engage in a specialized off-ice training session focused on improving agility and coordination. These exercises are carefully designed to enhance overall athleticism and translate directly to better on-ice performance.


Participants will need:

- Athletic clothing and shoes (no crocs) 

- Water bottle 

- Helmet, Gloves, Stick, Skates, Shin pads, Elbow pads


  • Date: Monday 9/25

  • Time: 9:00am-12:00pm

  • Location: BTB Hockey Training Center

  • Cost: $90

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