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Thursday Shooting Power Hour

Tuesdays | 4:15pm-5:15pm
All ages welcome - Players will be placed in groups based on age and skill level

Drop-in: $45
4 pack - $150
(4 pack can be used at anytime within 8 weeks of registration)

Whether you are a forward looking to increase your goal-scoring prowess or a defenseman aiming to improve your offensive contributions, this clinic is ideal for players seeking to become more effective and versatile shooters. Join us for this comprehensive program and unlock the secrets to mastering wrist, snap, slap, and backhand shots!

Clinic Highlights:

  1. Wrist Shot Technique: Learn the fundamental mechanics of a wrist shot, including proper weight transfer, stick positioning, and release. Develop accuracy, quickness, and deception to fool goaltenders and maximize scoring opportunities.

  2. Snap Shot Technique: Master the quick-release snap shot that enables you to release the puck rapidly while maintaining accuracy and power. Discover techniques to generate explosive force through weight transfer, flexing the stick, and precise follow-through.

  3. Slap Shot Technique: Explore the mechanics behind the powerful slap shot, focusing on stick loading, weight transfer, and generating maximum velocity. Develop accuracy and consistency in your slap shot while optimizing puck control and timing.

  4. Backhand Shot Technique: Learn the nuances of the backhand shot, including body positioning, hand placement, and follow-through. Enhance your ability to surprise goaltenders and execute accurate and forceful backhand shots from various angles and distances.

  5. Individualized Feedback and Corrections: Receive personalized feedback from our experienced instructors, who will analyze your shooting technique and provide guidance on areas for improvement. Benefit from tailored corrections and recommendations to help you refine your skills.

  6. Video Analysis: Utilize state-of-the-art video analysis technology to review and analyze your shooting technique in detail. Gain a deeper understanding of your strengths and areas for improvement through frame-by-frame breakdowns and comparison to professional players.

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