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Toe Drag Tuesday - Stickhandling clinic

Tuesdays | 4:15pm-5:15pm
All ages welcome - Players will be placed in groups based on age and skill level

Drop-in: $45
4 pack - $150
(4 pack can be used at anytime within 8 weeks of registration)

Our Stickhandling Clinic is a comprehensive training program designed for hockey players of all ages and skill levels who want to enhance their stickhandling abilities, improve puck control, and develop exceptional dexterity on the ice. This intensive clinic provides players with the opportunity to learn and practice advanced stickhandling techniques under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Clinic Highlights:

  1. Skill Development: Participants will receive expert instruction on a wide range of stickhandling techniques, including puck manipulation, dekes, fakes, toe drags, and saucer passes. The focus will be on improving hand-eye coordination, quick reflexes, and developing soft hands.

  2. Innovative Training Drills: The clinic incorporates a variety of innovative and challenging drills designed to simulate game-like situations. Participants will engage in individual and group exercises that emphasize creativity, agility, and adaptability in stickhandling maneuvers.

  3. Small-Group Training: To maximize individual attention and feedback, the clinic maintains small coach-to-player ratios. This ensures a personalized learning experience where participants can receive detailed instruction, corrections, and progress evaluations from the experienced coaching staff.

  4. Progression and Customization: The program is structured to accommodate players of different skill levels. Participants will progress through various levels of difficulty as they master each set of stickhandling techniques. Coaches will tailor the training sessions to meet the specific needs and goals of each player.

  5. Video Analysis: The clinic incorporates video analysis sessions where players can review and analyze their stickhandling performance. This valuable tool helps identify areas for improvement, refine techniques, and enhance overall skills.

  6. Off-Ice Training: In addition to on-ice sessions, the program may include off-ice training components focused on developing hand and wrist strength, coordination exercises, and reaction drills. These off-ice activities complement on-ice training and contribute to overall stickhandling proficiency.

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